June 17, 2013

Custom Labview Coding


LabView, made by National Instruments, is a versatile programming language that has good application for laboratory equipment automation, motion control, image collection, and data analysis. Engineers and scientists at Cambridge Polymer Group routinely use LabView in their design of custom analytical instruments to characterize materials. The LabView code allows the users to set up the experimental conditions, control the equipment, collect and save the data, and analyze the data. The final data set is easily viewed in Excel, Word, or other formats.

Recently, two CPG scientists completed their coursework allowing them to become Certified LabView developers. CPG has designed custom software for clients for existing instruments and for automated data analysis algorithms.

A link to the video from a CPG-generated LabView program that collects crack propagation lengths automatically in a Fatigue Crack Propagation test can be found here.