January 13, 2012

Hydrogel Skin Model


Synthetic tissue constructs have been around since the 1970's, when Dr.'s Yannas and Burke created an artificial skin from collagen and silicone rubber. This membrane, termed Silastic, was designed to mimic the properties of skin, to help generate new skin in burn victims.

Researchers from the Medical School Hannover (Germany) are trying to replicate human skin through the use of harvested spider silk. L'Oreal and Mattek have design synthetic skin models (EpiDerm from Mattek and EpiSkin and SkinEthic RHE) based on human skin cells.

CPG scientists have developed a multi-layer tissue model to mimic the outer epidermis, fat, muscle, and underlying fascia layer in the skin using CPG's proprietary hydrogel technology. The model is designed to be used for incision and suture training. Contact CPG for more information.