Case Studies

As a multidisciplinary contract research and analytical testing lab, Cambridge Polymer Group has provided services to clients in a variety of business sectors and in a range of project types. Our case studies provide examples of some of the projects on which we have assisted our clients.

Accelerated Aging
Artificial Annulus Fibrosus Model

Artificial Lens Hazing Root-Cause Analysis
Benzoyl Peroxide Determination
Cambridge Polymer Group Silly Putty "Egg"
"Choc" Full of Information
Cleanliness Assessment of Medical Devices
Custom Radiopaque Polymer Formulations
Direct Measurement of Crosslink Density
Design of Experiments/Formulation Development
Determining Accelerated Environmental Fatigue Behavior
Droplet Breakup Aids Fluid Processing
Droplet Breakup in Sprays and Coatings
Failure Analysis in Catheters
Fatigue Crack Propagation in Plastics
Fundamental Fluid Physics Helps Surgeons
How to Clean a Boat
How Clean Is Clean Enough?
How is Your Patient Lying?
Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene for Orthopaedics
Injectable Hydrogels for Tissue Bulking
Lubricity of Materials and Solutions
Next Generation Orthopaedic Implants
OIT as a Measure of Active Antioxidants
Preventing Complications During Orthopaedic Surgeries
Parallel Microsample Melt Rheology
Routine Determination of Curing and Gelation Time
Replacing Cartilage With Hydrogels
Set Your Radicals Free:  Electron Spin Resonance
Smart-Gel for Non-Surgical Bariatric Treatment
Small Punch Mechanical Analysis of Polyethylene
Simulating Venous and Arterial Flow
Spatial Determination of Chemical Composition
Technical Comparison of Hair Products
Testing Tools and Devices Using Analogs For Tissue
Triple Detection HT-GPC For Molecular Weight & Structural Analysis
True Stress - True Strain Analysis
What is a Polymer?
What's in Your Coffee?