lab automation

With modern materials and applications it is often the case that run-of-the-mill tests do not capture parameters relevant to your application.  In such cases custom testing hardware and analysis routines must be developed to produce the most sought-after data.  Our Certified Labview programmers can assist in virtually any programming or automation project, including interfacing with existing analytical instruments to improve data capture, automation of trivial routines, and adding additional functionality in parallel with existing hardware.  We have internally developed and validated hardware for a number of projects such as automating data capture on our Agilent FTIR and monitoring process conditions in experiments.  In addition, our strong involvement with ASTM allows us to understand what can be modified within standards to help automate their use, while still maintaining strict consistency with that standard. We have developed a fatigue crack propagation optical system that both greatly reduces laboratory staff time, and also increases data density while maintaining compliance with ASTM E647.