Biomaterial Grants

NIH/SBIR/Phase II (08/21/2020 to 07/31/2022) 2R44EY027635-02A1 (Gavin Braithwaite, PhD) Degradable hydrogel for retinal tamponade

NIH/SBIR/Phase 1 (09/18/2019 - 01/17/2021) 1R43CA247832-01 (Stephen Spiegelberg, Ph.D.) Preventing Pneumothorax During Transthoracic Lung Biopsy

NIH/SBIR/Phase 1 (09/01/2017 - 08/31/2018) 1R43EY027635-01 (Gavin Braithwaite, PhD) Degradable hydrogel for retinal tamponade

NIH/SBIR/Phase I (10/01/2009-04/30/2010)1R43AR056892-01A1 (Gavin Braithwaite, Ph. D.) An injectable biocompatible hydrogel nucleus pulposus replacement

NIH/SBIR/Phase I (10/01/2009-04/30/2010)1 R43 DK084662-01 (Gavin Braithwaite, Ph. D.) A novel hydrogel for urinary incontinence

NIH/SBIR/Phase I (08/01/2002-04/30/2003) 1 R43 YE14280-01 (Jeffrey Ruberti, Ph. D.) A Method to Generate Artificial Cornea Constructs

NASA/SBIR/Phase II (03/01/2002-03/01/2004) NAS9-02011 (Stephen Spiegelberg, Ph.D.) A Formation to Control and Constrain Water for Safe and Efficacious Microgravity Hygiene Activities