Good Laboratory Practices

What does our Good Laboratory Practice standard (GLP) mean to your project?

Control. CPG provides assurance that your samples and test materials are received and handled in accordance with FDA guidelines, which require documentation and procedures to ensure error-free sample tracking. To accomplish this, CPG has:

  • Physically separated sample storage areas.
  • Implemented a comprehensive sample documentation protocol that includes receipt logging, tracking, running inventory and archiving of all GLP samples.
  • Implemented an effective laboratory cleanliness policy to prevent contamination.

Security. CPG assures the security of your data by:

  • Providing offsite backup of all computer data.
  • Providing secure archiving of laboratory notebooks and samples

Accuracy. To ensure accurate test results CPG has:

  • Generated standard operating procedures for all laboratory equipment involved in GLP research.
  • Provides frequently scheduled inspection, maintenance, cleaning and calibration for all laboratory equipment involved in GLP research.
  • Established comprehensive standard operation procedure (SOP) for the recording of all data that is designed to prevent recording errors.

Comprehensive reporting. Methods, results and data for all laboratory tests will be reported in accordance with FDA guidelines including:

  • A fully descriptive protocol with signed records describing any deviation in procedures. 
  • Descriptions of all procedures, including statistical methodologies
  • Descriptions of all conditions that may have influenced the quality or integrity of the data
  • Descriptions of all operations performed on collected data
  • A statement of any conclusions drawn from the results or analysis
  • Signed and dated reports from the principle scientist involved in the study, as well as two independent reviewers.

 Contact one of the scientists at CPG to ask how GLP can be used in your project.