Experimental Design

As active participants at ASTM, we understand the requirements of a well-defined protocol, and our extensive experience in developing and testing unique materials for esoteric applications gives us the ability to help you define the most relevant test and experimental configuration for your needs.  Our experienced instrumentation personnel can then provide the testing configuration and control hardware required to allow the test to run automatically and analyze where appropriate.  Our experience in validating tests and protocols can then be used to generate a formal protocol and test configuration for transfer to your R&D or QC environment.

Although standard tests and protocols are invaluable when providing data in a controlled and repeatable manner, there is often the need for a test configuration that does not fit neatly inside a standard test plan.  Hydrogel compression testing for instance requires more than a common stress-strain test to clearly illustrate the material's performance.  Understanding the character of a unique material often requires efforts and expertise beyond existing standards.  For example, relevant fatigue testing of cardiovascular implants involves unique environments and deformations that require specifically designed tests.  Challenging scenarios like these are where our clients have the opportunity to expand their options and save time by leveraging Cambridge Polymer Group's technical expertise and broad experience.