General Expertise

The technical expertise found at Cambridge Polymer Group has been specifically assembled to bridge the gaps between dozens of industries.  The product of that focus is an enormous body of knowledge from which our clients derive tremendous value.  The range of experiences embodied by CPG’s handpicked experts includes the following list;

  • Expertise in polymer biomaterials (design/synthesis, polymer-drug conjugates, hydrogels, biodegradability, microparticles).
  • Work experience in formulation of small molecules, proteins and vaccines.
  • Development of injectable polymer hydrogels based on hyaluronic acid and PEG capable of gelling in situ under physiological conditions.
  • Production engineer for oil companies, material analysist specialist.
  • Expertise in soy protein plastics; formulated processed and characterized (mechanical, thermal and rheological properties)
  • Expertise in biodegradable, bioabsorbable, and renewable plastics, such as PLA, soy protein, and cornstarch plastics.
  • Development of polysaccharide-protein conjugates for covalent cross-linking to various tissues for the purpose of local drug delivery.
  • Development of polymer hydrogel microspheres and microencapsulation technology.
  • Development of water soluble polyphosphazenes for biomedical applications.
  • Industrial polymer chemistry, applications such as ophthalmic lens materials, synthetic food substitutes, aerospace materials and advanced battery technology.
  • Experience with radiation resistant silicone rubber compositions for medical devices, degradable hydrogel bolus materials, and gel electrolytes for lithium ion batteries.