In 1996, Cambridge Polymer Group (CPG) was created around the idea of forming a one-stop service company to users and modifiers of polymers in their most general sense. Our expertise covers polymer resins and natural polymers (such as proteins) as well as polymer additives and the behavior of these materials in solution and in coatings. We have a particular strength in rheology of polymer solutions and melts.

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Analytical Testing

Our high-quality, value-added analytical testing supports our activities across the life cycle of your material.

Research and Development

CPG provides contract Research and Development services in the following areas:

  • Synthesis and formulation of polymer and protein systems
  • Biomedical polymers, hydrogels and related materials
  • Industrial and consumer applications
  • Analytical testing support
  • Coatings, drug release and formulation modification

Our extensive experience and diverse backgrounds allows us to assist at all stages in the development process. We have expertise in synthesizing, understanding and analyzing polymers in all shapes and forms, whether synthetic or natural, in solid or liquid form. Additional capabilities in electronics and programming, as well as our frequent projects in legal support and our healthy internal R&D structure provide a unique resource for your project.