Chromatography is a powerful technique for identifying and quantifying mixed quantities of materials. CPG offers multiple types of chromatography analytical techniques.

Chromatography Analytical Techniques

  • GC-MS - Gas chromatography with mass spectroscopy 
  • HS-GC-MS - Head space gas chromatography with mass spectroscopy 
  • GPC/SEC - Gel permeation chromatography/Size exclusion chromatography
  • LC-MS - Liquid chromatography with mass spectroscopy 
  • HPLC - High pressure liquid chromatography 
  • IC - Ion chromatography

Chromatography Applications

Extraction Analysis

CPG routinely performs extractions analysis of materials, providing identification and quantification of materials such as plasticizers, pigments, antioxidants, and monomers. Additionally, elution and extraction analysis of mobile materials is required by regulatory agencies for most biomedical devices.

ID and Quantify Degradables

CPG specializes in chromatography analysis of degradable materials and has been able to identify and quantify degradation products of biodegradable implants used in animal studies. These studies allow researchers to better understand the degradation kinetics and form of degradation reaction, while also performing a risk analysis on the degradation products.

Trace Solvent Analysis

CPG also performs trace solvent analysis on medical devices and pharmaceutical products with reference to USP <467> "Residual Solvents."

Additive Analysis

Analysis of material additives in polymeric constructs is critical for deformulation of competitor products. 

Water Quality Testing

Water quality can be determined with gas chromatography according to ISO 9377-2 "Water Quality - Determination of Hydrocarbon Oil Index."