Load-bearing Hydrogels

With a number of licensed polyethylene technologies currently on the market, CPG has extensive experience in developing the latest generation of polyethylene for the biomedical industry. Significant ongoing research is aimed at developing hydrogel materials for use in load-bearing orthopedic applications.

The potential for hydrogels to replace the entirety of the natural function is promising however severe challenges including strength and durability must be met by the utmost in research and development.  Maximum value lies in replicating the properties of cartilage, opening doors to less invasive, tissue-sparing strategies, that dramatically broaden the pool of potential patients.  In addition to a number of patent protected and proprietary strategies available for this highly demanding application CPG has the expertise to understand the testing required for these cutting-edge, biphasic materials.

Our primary hydrogel is based on a combination of poly(vinyl alcohol) and poly(ethylene glycol) (see patent portfolio) that is manufactured in a novel manner, resulting in a highly elastic, viscously damped system that has spectacular lubricity.