Analytical Testing

With years of expertise in testing materials and systems, and heavy involvement in developing new standards with ASTM, our ISO 9001 certifiedISO 17025 accredited analytical lab does more than furnish our clients with raw results.

PhD-level Problem Solvers

We act as your partner throughout the process, leveraging our unique breadth of experience to help suggest the appropriate battery of tests, assist in building the test methodology and ensure you understand the final results.

Quality Reports

Our reports contain a detailed description of the work conducted and provide interpretation and opinions on the obtained results when appropriate. CPG reports are publication-ready and often submitted to support regulatory filings.

Transparent Test Methods

Test methods can be transferred to the client for in-house quality control in the form of high-quality and detailed protocols.  We ensure that there is never a “black box” and that the client completely understands what was done and why. 

State-of-the-Art Instruments

Cambridge Polymer Group provides testing services of polymeric materials with state-of-the-art instrumentation.

FDA Guidelines

Analytical tests of your sample can be conducted under our Good Laboratory Practices Protocol (GLP), providing you with the assurance that your test materials are handled in accordance with FDA guidelines.

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