June 21, 2024

Cambridge Polymer Group Unveils New Structure to Accelerate Client Innovation through Material Science

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We are thrilled to announce a new operating model at Cambridge Polymer Group (CPG) designed to meet the demand for customized material optimization across the product lifecycle.  

Addressing the Evolving Materials Landscape

Increasingly, manufacturers and product designers across all industries are using new materials in novel applications and pushing existing materials into new uses that stretch their performance to the limit. These materials do not always behave as expected, and conventional material specification sheets and standard testing methods are no longer enough.

Today's successful products can only be obtained through a multi-disciplinary approach, with an emphasis on safety. Developers need deep expertise in materials across industries, along with a thorough understanding of polymer science. This includes the impact of additives, manufacturability (encompassing cleaning and sterilization), biocompatibility, and the intended use of the device or product.

Enhanced Client Collaboration through SME Leadership

To address this growing need for materials expertise, Cambridge Polymer Group is implementing a new five-position management structure. This structure empowers senior Subject Matter Experts to remain at the forefront of client collaboration – a cornerstone of CPG’s successful partnerships. This strategic shift ensures dedicated resources for complex projects, delivering the hands-on materials support clients increasingly require.

Leadership Team Focused on Client Success

Vice President of Research, Dr. Gavin Braithwaite, will step into the newly created position of Chief Executive Officer.  

“By staffing our newly designed senior management structure with seasoned scientists, we can ensure the continued delivery of high-quality science to our clients, while placing a stronger emphasis on product development and challenging testing projects,” said Braithwaite. “I am excited to grow the development aspect of our work and build a deeper relationship with our clients, helping them decrease risk, expand into new markets, and increase profitability.”

After 27 years as Cambridge Polymer Group’s President, Dr. Stephen Spiegelberg is moving into the new role of Chief Scientific Officer (CSO).

This transition will enable Dr. Spiegelberg to spend more time collaborating with clients and working on large-scale projects in his subject matter expertise, such as biocompatibility, root cause analysis, product development, and medical device cleaning.

“I am personally looking forward to having more scientific interactions with our clients, spending more time on ASTM and AAMI standards development, and studying industry trends to help assist in product development,” said Spiegelberg.

Jaimee Robertson will oversee research operations in the newly created role of Director of Consulting Services.

Robertson will work with CEO Gavin Braithwaite and CSO Stephen Spiegelberg to develop and implement CPG’s research strategy and assist clients in their development projects and root cause analysis work.

Norma Turner will manage lab operations and testing services as Director of Analytical Services.

Turner will ensure CPG’s full-service laboratory provides essential support for R&D and consulting projects, as well as value-add to routine analytical testing clients. Norma will be leveraging her extensive experience in ASTM and ISO standards testing to help with both routine and non-routine testing, including residue analysis and extractables and leachables testing.

Dr. Rebecca Bader, Associate Director of Chromatography, will oversee the direction of this critical department and lead CPG’s biocompatibility and risk assessment group.

Bader’s material science and analytical chemistry expertise combined with her biocompatibility experience will help clients navigate the challenging regulatory landscape.  

Benefits for Our Clients

  • Deeper Collaboration with Material Experts: Our clients will continue to benefit from close collaboration with CPG's SMEs.
  • Enhanced Support for Complex Projects: The new structure ensures dedicated resources for even the most demanding R&D initiatives.
  • Future-Proofed Innovation: CPG is positioned to deliver the advanced materials expertise needed to bring groundbreaking products to market.

We are confident that this new operating model will allow us to further strengthen our partnerships and empower our clients to achieve their innovation goals. 

Together, let's turn groundbreaking ideas into reality.

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