Submit a Sample

Cambridge Polymer Group is in compliance with Governor Baker’s May 18th Massachusetts re-opening schedule. CPG has been deemed an essential business, and has implemented all safety precautions stipulated by the re-opening order, as well as additional safety measures.

CPG is now fully open and able to work on ALL projects; we are no longer limited to COVID-19 response or projects essential for medical emergency staff.

For all samples shipped to Cambridge Polymer Group for analysis or testing, please include a completed copy of the Sample Submission Form. Follow the instructions below for submitting samples to Cambridge Polymer Group.

1. Download & complete Sample Submission Form.
Place forms in box with sample(s). (Please include Quote Number on the form and attach a copy of the Purchase Order, if available.)

2. Ship samples and submission form to:

Cambridge Polymer Group, Inc. 
Attn: Sample Submissions
56 Roland St., Suite 310 
Boston, MA 02129
Phone: (617) 629-4400

3. When submitting samples for multiple tests, please place different samples in the box in separate bags to avoid errors

4. Please include MSDS, if available.