July 13, 2020

New Standard on Qualification of Polymeric Materials Used for Additive Manufacturing


ISO and ASTM are drafting a new standard on qualification of polymeric materials used for additive manufacturing using powder bed fusion (ISO/ASTM DIS 52925:2020). This standard is focused on polyamide 12 and 11, but the standard may be applicable to other polymeric materials.

The standard discusses the following test methods:

  1. Particle size
  2. Residual monomer
  3. Relative humidity
  4. Melt flow index
  5. Molecular weight (either by GPC or dilute solution viscometry)
  6. Melting and crystallization temperature by DSC

These tests are all performed by Cambridge Polymer Group, and can be used to qualify new material or requalify used material. Contact us for more information.