July 8, 2020

Reprocessing Personal Protective Equipment


The ASTM workshop on Reprocessing Personal Protective Equipment (September 9-10, 2020, virtual workshop) is looking for presentations on the following topics:

  • Methods/guides/practices to address reprocessing single use PPE and reusable PPE (including N95 respirators, personal face masks, protective clothing and coverings, etc.):
    • Current issues with decontaminating single use PPE
        • Cleaning
        • Index matching
        • Collection and distribution
        • Loss of efficacy
        • Degradation of components
        • Tracking number of re-uses
    • Cleaning/decontamination/sterilization
        • New sterilization/disinfection methods – chlorine dioxide, etc.
        • Assessing performance of the reprocessed device, including feedback from healthcare providers who have used reprocessed devices
        • Effects of bioburden on re-use, for disinfection and perception
    • Standards used
        • Existing: ASTM, NIOSH and other
          • Include limitations, such as multiple decontaminations
          • Novel test methods introduced by researchers during the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Methods/guides/practices for producing and or assessing performance of devices and device components that are in short supply
    • e.g. masks, respirators, and face shields
    • Both traditional device designs and novel designs using materials that are at hand
    • Redesigning single use PPE for potential re-use during surges
    • Discussion of FDA Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs),
        • For current EUAs, the impact on supply chain and on products/methods covered by current EUAs.
        • Considerations needed to continue product access upon EUA expiration including impacts on the supply chain and on products/methods covered by current EUAs.
  • Share perspectives on how existing standards helped you in addressing device shortages or how they could have been of more assistance

Abstract Submittal

To participate in the workshop, your 300-word abstract is due no later than July 26, 2020. Please see the ASTM symposium page for submission instructions.