December 21, 2023

Cambridge Polymer Wishes You a Swell 2024


Thirsty the Hydrogel
Was a sodium polyacrylate soul
With a Bakelite pipe and a resin nose
And two eyes made by injection mold

Oh, Thirsty the Hydrogel
Is a feat of science, so they say
He was made of fake snow
And the lab techs know
How he wicked moisture away

There must have been some water in
That plastic hat they found
For when they placed it on his head
He began to swell around

Oh, Thirsty the Hydrogel
Was absorbent as he could be
He could hydrate
to 300 times his weight
Not the same as you and me

Oh, Thirsty the Hydrogel
Knew the temp was warm that day
But he said, "Let's play and perform TGA
Because I won’t melt away"

Down to the laboratory
With a pipette in his hand
Running here and there
Volumizing scientists’ hair
Saying, "Deform me if you can"

They chased him through the lab benches
Right past a Research Scientist II
And Thirsty only stopped a moment
When she yelled, “You’re not wearing shoes!!!!"

Hmm, Thirsty the Hydrogel
Had to apply his linking agent spray
No need to wave goodbye, he said, "Don't you cry
Because crosslinks save the day!"

Slurpity, slurp, slurp, slurpity, slurp slurp
Look at Thirsty grow!
Slurpity, slurp slurp, slurpity, slurp slurp
Over streams of aqueous flow!

CPG Holiday Hours

In observance of the holidays, Cambridge Polymer Group will be closed on Friday, December 22nd, and Monday, December 25th. We will be open Tuesday, December 26th, to Thursday, December 28th, closing again on Friday, December 29th, and Monday, January 1st. We will return to regular business hours on Tuesday, January 2nd.