September 7, 2012

Mooney Rivlin testing


The Mooney-Rivlin model is a hyperelastic model that can be used to predict the deformation behavior of elastomers to uniaxial, planar, and biaxial extension. This model requires knowledge of two or more Mooney-Rivlin parameters that are specific to the material in question, and usually to the deformation mode in question as well. Some experimental work has shown that the Mooney-Rivlin parameters obtained in uniaxial extension do not lead to good predictions of the same material's behavior in biaxial extension.

The scientists at Cambridge Polymer Group have developed a system for easily measuring the biaxial deformation behavior of elastomers using a bubble inflation system. Custom software allows generation of biaxial stress-strain data, which can then be fit to obtain the Mooney-Rivlin parameters.

Contact Cambridge Polymer Group for more information on contract biaxial tension testing, and see our application note on Mooney Rivlin Experiments.