December 15, 2011

Product Differentiation

When marketing a new product, differentiating your product from your competition can be a nuanced activity, depending on the nature of the product. In more tightly regulated markets, customers may require side-by-side comparisons of their existing approved and validated products with your new offering, to ensure that it has the same or better properties. As they have usually gone through some time and expense to validate the product, be it a raw material or finished good, and they bear a risk in changing, you need to demonstrate that the risk is worth it in terms of cost-savings or improved performance.

At Cambridge Polymer Group, we often assemble and perform a set of standard or customized tests that helps the client highlight the key performance traits of their product, while also demonstrating that the root level performance characteristics meet or exceed what their customer is currently using. Whenever possible, we use ASTM standard tests in the relevant industries to assemble a single page of testing results that your sales group can provide to customers. We perform these tests in our ISO-certified laboratory, so you can be assured of the quality and un-biased nature of our results.