July 31, 2012

Presentation on Biomedical Applications of Hydrogels

The current standard of care in orthopedic joint replacement relies on the use of hard bearing surfaces comprised of polyethylene, ceramics, and metals. The natural tissues these synthetic materials replace are usually softer, viscoelastic materials that are best described as hydrogels, or hydrophilic network structures of cross linked macromolecules. In this audio conference presentation, our speaker discusses the increased use of hydrogels in biomedical applications, outlining what they are, their properties, and why they may have value in several biomedical applications, including orthopedics and spine. The presentation discusses potential applications, and looks at tissue models based on hydrogels for testing and training. Finally, attendees learn what issues have to be addressed in designing and using these materials, including concerns about how to test these soft, viscoelastic materials reliably in regimes relevant for their application.

This audio conference covers:

What makes hydrogels different from other materials

  • Challenges with using and designing for hydrogels
  • Potential applications in biomedical devices and tissue models
  • Testing issues that must be addressed

This web conference is on August 7th at 11:30 am EST.

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