Mechanical Analysis

Mechanical analysis is the bed-rock of any materials testing facility. We routinely perform many of the standard ASTM and ISO tests and understand the details of the test setup that are required to ensure successful completion. We perform compression and tension, as well as peel and fatigue experiments. Our Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) system allows a lower range of forces with a broad scope of tests under tight environmental control (including immersion) with fixturing for tensile, compression, creep, three-point bending and fiber testing. We have extensive experience in developing non-standard tests like confined compression used frequently in biological tissue testing, characterization of hydrogels, and custom test configurations.

Static Mechanical Tests

Steady deformation tests can be conducted according to ASTM and ISO standards, reporting raw data and compiled relevant parameters. A partial list of the static mechanical tests we conduct is listed below. CPG also performs true-stress true-strain experiments using a custom-built optical system. Contact us for more information on this test.

90/180 Degree Peel
Small punch
Creep/Stress Relaxation
Poisson Ratio
Izod Impact
Biaxial deformation 

Dynamic Mechanical Tests

Dynamic or oscillating mechanical testing is also conducted according to ASTM and ISO standards. Testing can be conducted either on mechanical load frames, or on a dynamic mechanical analyzer. A partial list of the dynamic mechanical tests we conduct is listed below.

Three point bend via DMA
Fatigue crack propagation
Tension/compression via DMA
Creep/stress relaxation
Three point bend via DMA

ASTM/ISO Standards Performed at CPG

D256 Izod Impact
D412 Vulcanized Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomers Tension
D575 Rubber properties in compression
D638 Standard test method for tensile properties of plastics
D695 Compression properties of plastics
D732 Shear strength of plastics by punch tool
D747 Bending modulus via cantilever beam.
D903 Peel or stripping strength of adhesive bonds

D1621 Compressive Properties of Rigid Cellular Plastics
D1623 Tensile properties of rigid cellular plastics
D1876 Peel test

D2990 Tensile, Compressive creep for plastics
D3330 Peel adhesion of Pressure sensitive Tape
D5024 DMA in compression
D5026 DMA in tension
D5279 DMA of plastics in torsion
D6068 J-R Curves in Plastic Materials
D6862 90 degree peel testing

E647 Fatigue Crack Growth Rates
E1823 Fatigue and Fracture Testing
F2118 Constant amplitude fatigue testing of acrylic bone cement
F2183 Small punch for polyethylene
F2255 Strength Properties of Tissue Adhesives in Lap-Shear by Tension Loading

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