Presentations given at conferences by researchers at Cambridge Polymer Group are available for download by clicking on the following links.

Designing Medical Devices Using Soft Materials In this talk, Dr. Gavin Braithwaite explores the process of engineering total joint replacements, from concept to regulatory filing. Invited presentation at the UNH Bioengineering Symposium 2017.

Poly(vinyl alcohol) Hydrogels in Medicine: Structure and Mechanics In this presentation we discuss the structure of PVA hydrogels, formed through either freeze-thaw or CPG's patented solvent manipulation method.  We also discuss various methods of modifying these gels through toughening and functionalization.  This was presented as part of the 2015 Rideal award conference.

Failure Analysis of a Fractured Polyamide 6 Shock Absorber Housing This presentation examines the failure of a double stroller shock absorber. Presented at ANTEC, March 2015.

Biomedical Applications of Hydrogels This presentation describes the structure and formulation of hydrogels used in biomedical applications, focusing on tissue bulking, cartilage replacement, and hydrogel-based tissue models. Presented at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, March 2015.

Connecting Mechanical Testing Techniques to User Perception: Psychorheology Here we provide a brief overview of the history of “psychorheology” and efforts in connecting analytical instruments to sensory perception.  We also provide three case-studies exemplifies the possible strategies.  Presented by request at a consumer products company, 2015.

Biodegradable Thiol-Modified Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) Hydrogels  This presentation describes the development and testing of a new modified PVA hydrogel generated through a gentle modification process.  The resulting hydrogel is injectable, mucoadhesive and biodegradable, and we provide laboratory experimental results from a range of tests including rheology, GPC, MALDI and swelling to characterize the performance of the material.  Presented at the fall MRS conference in Boston, December 2013.

Failure Analysis in Medical Applications of Polymeric Materials  This presentation shows 4 case studies on the analysis of medical devices. Two of the case studies involve analysis of components involved in litigation matters. One study involves an analysis of failures in a medical device in development, and the last study involves a new modality of analysis of devices used in the orthopedic industry. Presented at MedTech 2013 in Houston, TX, October 2013.

Hydrogels, Polymers and Plastics in Medical Devices_2013 A brief presentation on the background of hydrogels and their history of use, with a forward look at one of the more challenging applications in load-bearing joints, primarily the knee.  Discussed will be the needs for these highly demanding applications, and possible solutions leveraging the advantages, and avoiding the disadvantages of these materials.  Presented at the Polymers in Medical Devices conference in San Francisco, June 2013.

Morphological Characterization of PEEK This paper discusses 4 techniques to measure crystallinity in PEEK, including density, X-ray, infrared spectroscopy, and DSC. This work was presented at the 2013 International PEEK meeting in Philadelphia.

Evidence of Permanent Oxidative Stabilization of Bearing Materials in Crosslinked Vitamin E Grafted Polyethylene This paper discusses the analysis of irradiated Viramin E doped polyethylene and evidence of grafting of the antioxidant.  Presented at the 2013 meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Injectable PolyVinyl Alcohol Hydrogels for Cardiovascular Applications This paper discusses the use of poly(vinyl alcohol) as a tissue bulking agent in the prevention of mitral regurgitation after myocardial infarction.  This was presented at the Society for Biomaterials annual meeting in 2013 in Boston, MA.

Hydrogels: There Is Always Room for Jello  A brief overview of hydrogels presented at BIOMEDevice 2012.

Soft Solids Research  This paper discusses in general work at CPG on soft-solids and hydrogels, presented at Orthotec 2012 in Warsaw, Indiana.

Rheometers: Not Just for Rheology Any More This presentation discusses novel methods of rheometry developed at Cambridge Polymer Group to quantify sensory perceptions of products through the use of tack, friction, and flow rheometry. TA Instruments user meeting in New Orleans on April 29, 2012.

Designing Soft Tissue Replacements A discussion on designing soft-tissue replacements in cartilage and meniscus repairs using hybrid hydrogel designs, presented at the Medical Grade Polymers conference 2012 in Boston, MA.

The Influence of Aging Environment on Vitamin E Stabilized UHMWPE A variety of accelerated aging environments were investigated to assess their influence on the oxidation potential of Vitamin E-stabilized, highly crosslinked UHMWPE. This paper was presented at the UHMWPE conference at Drexel University on September 22, 2011.

FDA Workshop on Reprocessing Medical Devices The FDA hosted a two day workshop on June 8-9, 2011 on issues involving reprocessing reusable medical devices, such as endoscopes and arthroscopic shavers. CPG researcher Stephen Spiegelberg presented the areas in which ASTM has been involved with guidance documents and standards for cleaning assessment and validation.

Engineering Biomedical Materials: From Total Joints to Tissue Sparing In this plenary talk presented at the University of Birmingham (UK) in April, 2011, Dr. Gavin Braithwaite discusses the thought process behind designing medical implants. In his analysis, he presents information on polyethylene and hydrogel implants designed at Cambridge Polymer Group.

Cleanliness of Biomedical Devices CPG researcher Stephen Spiegelberg presented case studies on the impact of the cleanliness of implantable biomedical devices, as well as recent ASTM activities in the area, at the 2010 Medical Grade Plastics conference in Philadelphia, PA.

Refuse to Fuse: Development of an Injectable Nucleus Pulposus Replacement This presentation by Gavin Braithwaite discusses CPG's development of a hydrogel-based technology for augmenting or replacing the natural nucleus pulposus in the intervertebral disc of the spine. Presented at the Northeastern Bioengineering Conference at Brown University in 2008.

Assessing the Cleanliness of Medical Devices A series of case studies on cleanliness issues in biomedical devices are discussed. This talk was presented at the 3rd Annual Orthopaedic Manufacturing & Technology Exposition and Conference in Chicago, IL on June 20th, 2007.

Rheological Characterization of Materials for Biomedical Application This presentation discusses the rheological characterization of acrylic-based bone cement used for total hip and knee replacement surgeries, and outlines how the rheology may be used to improve the cement properties. Presented at the TA Instruments User Conference in Newport, RI in 2006.

An Injectable Hydrogel for Nucleus Pulposus Augmentation This presentation discusses a novel hydrogel formulation invented by researchers at Cambridge Polymer Group, and its use as an injectable replacement for a degenerated nucleus pulposus.

Rheology of Hagfish Mucins The rheology of the mucous obtained from hagfish is presented, along with a discussion of the effects of the rheological response on the defense mechanism of this fish. (presented at the Society for Rheology Annual Meeting, October 13-16, 2003, Pittsburgh, PA)

Capillary Breakup To Determine the Extensional Properties of Polymeric Fluids Capillary breakup rheometry is used to measure the extensional properties of hyaluronic acid and polyethylene oxide with different salt loadings. (presented at the Northeastern Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Durham, NH 2001)

Crosslink Density Measurements in UHMWPE The theory and techniques used to measure crosslink density in ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene are discussed. (presented at the UHMWPE Symposium, ASTM Meeting, Phoenix, AZ 2001)

A Technique for Characterizing Complex Polymer Solutions in Extensional Flows The technique of capillary breakup rheometry is discussed, and how it can be used to examine associating polymer solutions. (presented at the 72nd Meeting of the Society of Rheology, Hiltonhead, SC, 2001)

Analytical Techniques for Assessing the Effects of Radiation on UHMWPE This presentation outlines some of the techniques used to quantify chemical, mechanical, and morphological effects of ionizing radiation on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. (presented at Society for Biomaterials Annual Conference, Polyethylene Short Course, St. Paul, MN 2001)

Interfacial Porosity in Bone Cement Analysis of the conditions that lead to extensive interfacial porosity in bone cement. (presented at Orthopaedic Research Society Annual Conference, 1999)