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CPG occasionally sends newsletters to our client list, informing them of new tests, instruments, materials, or general information in the materials industry that may be of interest to our clients.


MD&M East 2014 NYC, Vitamin E Content in UHMWPE, Filler Content in Plastics (06/02/2014) Download

Chemicals in Coffee, Free Radicals, and Monomer Analysis in Bone Cement (04/25/2014) Download

ORS 2014, Surface Tension, and Thermal and Infrared Characterization of Materials (02/28/2014) Download

MD&M West 2014 in California, Contaminated Water, and Additives in Biomedical Polymers (01/24/2014) Download

Happy Thanksgiving from CPG, MRS Exhibit, Density, and Updates from the November F04 ASTM Meeting (11/21/2103) Download

Molecular Weight from Rheology, Birefringence in Crystalline Polymers, Instron Impact Tester (10/31/2013) Download

Medical Grade Polymers Conference (9/11/13) Download

West Coast Office Opening, Testing of Woven Materials, Plasticizers in Polymers (8/30/13) Download

A Look Back at InterOp, Custom LabView Coding, Linear and Branched Polymers (7/12/13) Download

Hydrogels for Medical Applications Presentation, InnoPlast Solutions Conference (6/15/2013) Download

CPG Has New Look, Fatigue Crack Propagation, ASTM Spring Meeting (5/30/13) Download

Society of Biomaterials 2013 Annual Meeting (4/9/2013) Download

CPG Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary (01/01/2012) Download

FDA Workshop on Medical Device Cleanliness (6/14/2011) Download

The Cement Extrusion Tester (CET-1) Is Released (3/30/2011) Download

CPG Is Accredited to ISO 9001:2008 (1/6/2011) Download

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