2008 News Archives

December 11, 2008  Cambridge Polymer Employee Teaches Kids About Polymers on PBS

Ayyana Chakravartula, a former Cambridge Polymer scientist, was featured on an episode of the PBS children's show, Fetch with Ruff Ruffman.  In this episode, two of the children on the show are tasked with creating a new plastic toy.    Dr. Chakravartula explains the properties of polymers using chains of paper clips, and describes different types of polymers we come in contact with everyday.    She also describes the properties of viscoelasticity by stretching and snapping putty, and by making a mixture of cornstarch and water. 
 This eisode (Season 3, Number 18: Just Toying with Ruff Ruffman) was filmed in 2007 and was recently aired.

October 20, 2008 Crosslinked Polyethylene Patent Issued

The US Patent office issued patent #7,431,874 to CPG researcher Stephen Spiegelberg for methods of stabilizing highly crosslinked ultra high molecular weight polyethylene against oxidation.


October 8, 2008  Injectable hydrogel patent allowed

Cambridge Polymer Group received a U.S. patent allowance relative to its injectable hydrogel formulations for biomedical applications. The patent addresses methods for preparing a biocompatible liquid that gels in vivo without chemical reaction. Initial applications for this technology will target nucleus pulposus augmentation and tissue bulking


October 3, 2008  CPG Principal Dr. Gavin Braithwaite is a Co-author of Recently Published Paper

CPG is pleased to announce the publication of a paper titled 'A Novel Approach for Reducing Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation by Injection of a Polymer to Reverse Remodel and Reposition Desplaced Papillary Muscles', and co-authored by CPG scientist Dr. Gavin Braithwaite.

July 17, 2008  Cambridge Polymer Group Expands Instrumentation Offering

 CPG Introduces New Instrumentation


July 16, 2008  ASTM Workshop in November

Stephen Spiegelberg is organizing an ASTM workshop on "Medical Explant Shipping: The Black Hole between Explantation and Analysis", to be held in St. Louis, MO on November 18, 2008. More information can be found on the ASTM web site.


April 30, 2008  Spine Arthroplasty Symposium presentation

Dr. Gavin Braithwaite presented his poster on “Poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogels for injectable nucleus replacement” at the Spine Arthroplasty Symposium (SAS8) in Miami Beach, Fl on May 6-9, 2008. Abstract number 441.


February 28, 2008 Plenary talk at Northeast Bioengineering Conference (NEBEC 08)

Vice President of Research Gavin Braithwaite presented a plenary talk at the Northeast Bioengineering Conference at Brown University on April 5, 2008. Dr. Braithwaite spoke about his research on injectable hydrogels for nucleus pulposus replacement. The title of his talk was "Refuse to Fuse! A New Solution to Lower Back Pain".


February 1, 2008 CPG Hosts Job Shadow Day for Brighton High School Students

CPG participated in Boston Private Industry Council’s Job Shadow Day on February 1, 2008. Three Brighton High School students were invited to spend the day with CPG researchers.

Job Shadow Day allows students to visit a worksite and “shadow” our employees for several hours, observing and assisting them with their work. This structured worksite experience provides students with a preview of the world of work and the range of career opportunities
available to them. Job shadowing is integral to making the connection between school and work.


January 18, 2008  Biotech Career Panel

CPG researcher Stephen Spiegelberg was a panelist at Brighton High School to discuss careers in biotechnology. The event was organized by the Boston Private Industry Council.