2005 News Archives

December 8, 2005 Presentation at Johnson & Johnson Symposium

Stephen Spiegelberg was an invited speaker at the Johnson&Johnson Symposium on Correlating Preclinical Models to Clinical Outcomes, where he spoke on the impact of device cleanliness on clinical performance.

May 18, 2005 ASTM Symposium on Medical Device Cleanliness

The ASTM Symposium on The Cleanliness of Biomedical Devices was held  in Reno Nevada. The symposium was organized by CPG researcher Stephen Spiegelberg. 

May 7, 2005 Spine Presentation at at SA5

Gavin Braithwaite, Greg Neal, and researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital presented their mechanical studies of porcine vertebral sections reinforced with injected hydrogels at the Spine Arthroplasty Summit (SA5) in New York City.

April 30, 2005 Spine Presentation at Society for Biomaterials

Gavin Braithwaite and Greg Neal presented their work on hydrogels for nucleus pulposus augmentation at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Biomaterials conference in Memphis, TN.

April 26, 2005 U.S. Patent 6,884,264 Issued

U.S. Patent 6,884,264 "System and methods for reducing interfacial porosity in cements" issued. CPG inventors include Stephen Spiegelberg and Gavin Braithwaite.

March 19, 2005 CPG presentation at UHMWPE conference in Turin, Italy

Stephen Spiegelberg presented an invited lecture on characterization of crosslinked UHMWPE at the conference on UHMWPE for Arthroplasty: past, present and future in Turin, Italy.

February 24, 2005 Zimmer Holdings, Inc. enters letter of intent with CPG and MGH

Zimmer Holdings, Inc., announced today it has entered into a Letter of Intent for a comprehensive agreement with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Cambridge Polymer Group (CPG) to license technology to develop and commercialize advanced orthopaedic polyethylene and hydrogel materials, and to collaborate on research aimed at identifying promising future materials technologies. More information can be found in the Boston Business Journal.

February 8, 2005 U.S. Patent 6,852,772 issued

"A high modulus crosslinked polyethylene with reduced residual free radical concentration prepared below the melt" issued in February, 2005. CPG inventors include Gareth McKinley and Stephen Spiegelberg.